Xtreem Maxi Quad Starship, RC Quadcopter by Swann

Maxi Quad Starship Prop Guard Removed

Rotor Guard Removed

The Maxi Quad Starship by XTREEM is an easy to fly, RTF radio control (RC) quad copter. In the box you’ll find the quad rotor, 4 GHz wireless controller, four spare rotor blades, USB charging cable, operating instructions and the landing pad game. The game is a fluorescent green paper target to land the mini drone on and is of such little value it should in no way be a part of your decision to buy this drone or not.  Four AA batteries are required for the remote control and are not included. The controller has a range of 330 ft. and provides four axis control of the aircraft. It also has trim stabilization adjustments and a button for 360 stunt and tumble flying and a power on LED.

This little quadcopter is RTF (ready to fly) right out of the box and takes very little time to master. But, during outdoor flight it does have a tendency to be blown by a slight wind. Xtreem’s easy-fly Maxi Quad Starship ControllerGyro technology aids stabilization of the aircraft in level flight and allows for easy control. The Built-in 350mAH Li-poly battery is charged with the USB cable and takes approximately 50 minutes to charge. The cable has an LED indicating light that illuminates when charging and extinguishes when charging is complete. The charging lead on the aircraft does have to be plugged into its port on the fuselage in order for the craft to be powered by the battery.

Maxi Quad Starship BottomThere is a convenient power on/off switch on the bottom of the frame body. With a full charge you can get 7-8 minutes of flight time. This little quadrotor is a delight to fly and only weighs 2.4 oz. It has a durable set of rotor protectors to protect the spinning rotors from impact damage and has a pair of White led head lights that help in position orientation and night flying.

During test flights the rotor protector popped loose easily during crashes and should be checked after an impact if controllability Maxi Quad Starship Rotor and Motorsuddenly becomes an issue. It easily pops back into place.  The starship looks exactly like the Syma X3 with the same controller, I suspect it’s the same ship, the only difference being the packaging and the colors used in the molding of the plastic parts.