JXD 392 Mini Camera Aerocraft Quadcopter

The JIN XING DA, JXD 392 Mini Camera Aerocraft is a mini quadcopter with a built in mini camera. It comes out of the box ready to fly (RTF). And I do mean ready to fly. When I opened the one I purchased from micro center, the battery already had a charge. After putting four AA batteries in the controller, I had it synced up and flying in less than five minutes. My first flight was in beginner mode and I had no problem getting it up and flying it around. It was easy to fly and very stable. http://youtu.be/jZt8MhXh7Uk

JXD 392 Mini Camera Aerocraft

Mini Camera Aerocraft

Flight time is approximately 5.5 minutes and it handles well in a light wind.The aircraft itself only weighs 52g and fits in the palm of your hand. The body has a nice red metal flake color with black trim and a little spoiler on the back. The rings at the bottom of the motor mounts look nice but offer no protection for the propellers. Each motor has a foam pad on the bottom for softer landings. On the right side is a convenient On/OFF switch and on the left side is the slot for the included 2 gigabyte micro SD card. The card is not necessary for flight but, it does need to be removed from its reader and inserted into the slot before pictures or video can be saved.

JXD 392 Mini Camera Aerocraft (1)

ON/OFF Switch

The frame has eight LED lights and they can be remotely turned on or off with the controller. Two white and two blue are mounted on the motor arms for orientation. Two more lights are mounted in the fuselage as head lamps and look like beady red eyes. On the bottom of the body are two more LEDs. The blue light indicates that the micro sd card is in the card slot. The red light flashes when the card slot is empty and if it’s a steady red then the camera is active. Mounted in the nose is a 640 x 480 micro video camera that’s capable of taking pictures or video.

JXD 392 Mini Camera Aerocraft

Bottom View

Internally the little quad has a precision 6-axis gyro stabilization system, which I found made for very stable flying, and a replaceable 3.7V 380mAh LiPoly battery. The battery is recharged with the included USB charger and battery recharge time is 1.2 hours
The included controller is a 2.4 GHZ full function radio transmitter that requires 4 AA batteries. Unfortunately, a small phillips head screw driver was not included for opening the battery access panel. The unit has a nice feel to it. It has eight buttons, but only five are functional. They control flight modes, flip, On/Off of LED lights, snap photo, and video camera ON/OFF. The three remaining buttons are not functional and are probably used when packaged with a different flyer.

JXD 392 Rc Controller

2.4 ghz controller

There are two joy sticks: one controls power and yaw and the other controls pitch and bank. In addition there are four multi-function trim switches. Blue LEDs at the top of the controller indicate whether or not it’s synced with the quad and a lighted LCD display shows rotor speed, trim settings, mode, and battery life remaining for the controller. The controller has multiple modes, one is a left hand throttle mode, 3 are selectable flight modes for speed and an auto flip function, the lowest setting is for beginners and is very stable and slow to move, this is an excellent way for the beginner to start.

JXD 392 Mini Camera Aerocraft

For expert users, the highest setting is very responsive and fast to react  and one button activates a flip function for aerobatics. Unfortunately, there is no built in warning for low battery power and without warning the aerocraft will lose power and sink to the ground.

In the box you’ll also find four replacement propellers and a user manual written in English and Chinese. Unfortunately, the English portion of the manual was not written by a native speaker and the translation is so bad it’s almost unusable. I found that the manual diagrams were enough for me to find my way around the controller but the poor quality of the manual was definitely a disappointment. Overall this was an inexpressive, easy to fly, entry level quad copter.

In the box you’ll find:
The JXD 392 Mini Camera Aerocraft Quadcopter
2.4 GHZ full function controller that requires 4 AA batteries
3.7V 380mAh LiPoly battery
USB battery charger
2GB micro SD card and USB micro SD card reader
4 Spare propellers (taped to the bottom of the plastic insert in the box, I almost missed them)
User manual (so bad it’s almost unusable)