Bad Quad Copter Pilot

Bad Quad Copter Pilot

Hi I’m a professional pilot and I’ve come to a deeply disturbing conclusion. This little $20 radio control helicopter will one day take my job. When that day comes I won’t get a farewell party or a warm hand shake good bye. It won’t be because I broke the airplane or ticked off management leading a lunch room rebellion. No, when that day comes, the chairs in the break room are already stacked and the halls silent.

Our receptionist was replaced by cheap AI cloud software and the mechanics were whittled away by “pull and plug” components.  Even the guy that pumped fuel was sent home when battery and solar technology converged. Did I mention, it was our advanced AI receptionist that made the breakthrough? I may be paranoid but, I can see it coming.

The technology in these little rc quad copters and autonomous drones is leaping forward at an amazing rate. Every day they become cheaper and more capable. Their logical little Chip brains have grown smaller and can perform more functions. They can navigate on their own and In addition, they can communicate with other drones. But, what really gives them their advantage is scalability. They can be easily scaled in numbers or size. You can build a thousand six inch drones that work together or you can build 10 drones each the size of a bus. They don’t need a pilot or crew and the technology is totally transferable. That’s why, when I get escorted off the property, by the company security drone, I’ll sadly slide in the back seat of my Google car and politely ask it to drive me home.

But, this is today. Instead of being overwhelmed by the inevitable, I’ve decided to accept the future and explore this exciting technology. I’ll be delving into the world of radio control quadcopters and doing reviews and articles on new products. I hope you join me on this adventure. But, I can’t promise I won’t occasionally slam one of these little beggars from wall to wall till it’s sweet little LED’s fade out.



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